Specialty Drugs

What is it?

Specialty drugs provide targeted solutions to treat significant medical conditions. These drugs range from those that need to be administered by a health care provider in an in-patient or out-patient setting, to those that can be self-administered at home. And, as costs continue to rise, accessing specialty drugs at reasonable rates can be a challenge. Many of these drugs require regular usage and are increasingly being used long-term to treat chronic conditions – the cost can add up quickly. Given the complex nature of the drugs as well as the disease being treated, patient compliance – using the drugs correctly – can be challenging and is key to better outcomes.

Let LifeTrac make difficult easier.

While it’s great to obtain drugs at a discount, if the patient doesn’t use them, or doesn’t use them correctly, no one benefits. You will receive comprehensive, specialized patient education to help your members utilize the drugs appropriately and maintain compliance. And, this education is included in the discounted drug cost. Patients and their families can also be connected with national and peer-based support services.

Coordination of home nursing services ensures continuity of care for all patient-specific infusions. The program’s high-touch model of care provides real time management and maintenance of the patient’s products and ancillary supplies, with pharmacy to doorstep delivery. Dosage is reviewed to prevent waste and provide cost effective options.

A customized plan is developed for each patient. Clinical experts systematically review the patient’s care and progress, and are in constant communication with their physician. These experts may be able to suggest medication regimen modifications for more cost-effective solutions and/or better quality of life. At no additional cost to you, these specialty drug programs offer comprehensive specialized patient support; including 24/7 nursing and pharmacy support, supplies, and delivery.

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