Congenital Heart Disease

What is it?

Congenital Heart Defect, also known as Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), is a problem with the heart structure that is present at birth and is lifelong impacting 1 in 100 live births in the United States. Based on the type and severity of the congenital heart defect, the highly technical surgical intervention needed could come with a high risk of mortality. 26% of deaths that occur following severe heart defect surgery could be prevented if the operations were performed at a high-volume hospital. While the initial surgery may have been required in the first days of life, patients often have to undergo additional surgeries to correct the defect and still ultimately may need a heart transplant. These surgeries can be very expensive with a median cost for one surgery ranging from $165K to $200K.1Costs for inpatient surgery to repair congenital heart defects exceeds $1.9 billion annually.2

Let LifeTrac make difficult easier.

Our Congenital Heart Disease Trac provides you support and nationwide access to top medical facilities and physicians at negotiated rates. Facilities in the LifeTrac CHD network are determined by more than just looking at mortality rates. LifeTrac also considers the experience of the surgeon, the length of time the surgeon has been at the facility and working with the in-house teams, and the number and complexity of the cases the facility accepts. In addition to reviewing all the data, LifeTrac periodically performs site visits at the facilities to meet with the medical and surgical directors and their support teams.

While CHD is complicated, navigating the process doesn’t have to be. Whether surgical correction is urgent, delayed, staged or required in adulthood, our clinical and client services teams are here to help. Our clinical team has the expertise to provide clinical support to help you and your clients at each step.

LifeTrac has done the research, and not only can provide information on high-volume facilities to help facilitate better outcomes but can negotiate air transport rates for getting the patient there.

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